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SAT-HMS provides a full range of personal home services to meet every need. There are Four categories of service of which all are available in different service plans: Regular, Optional, Special and Emergency.
Regular Services
Service selected by our clients to be performed on a monthly basis.
All services will be detailed to the homeowner on a monthly invoice.

• Home walk through (twice a month)
• Mail pick up
• Cars (Start engines)
• Open all Bathroom faucets
• Flush all toilets
• Check other necessities.
Optional Services
This plan is based on one time service.
If you need some work done not listed here let us know we will help you.

• Plumbing / Heating / AC Maintenance
• Yard Maintenance
• Tree Trimming
• House Cleaning
• Gutter Maintenance
• Power Washing – Driveways, sideways and roof
• Outdoor cleaning
• Pool care
• Utility Installation
• Window Cleaning
Specialty Services
Services provided on a monthly basis

• Utility Bill Payments:
Water / CPS / Phone / Cable / Alarm / HOA.

• Personal Payments
Emergency Services
SAT-HMS are as far as one phone call to help you on any emergency.
We are there for you 7 days a week 24 hours per day

• Broken Windows
• Water leaks
• Heating/ A/C repairs